How is ASP.Net Web Forms architecture different from ASP.Net MVC?

Web forms uses page controller or base controller design pattern where as MVC uses Front Controller design pattern.

Page Controller:

Page receives request from IIS and call controllers method. In traditional web forms all pages (View) inherit from System.Web.UI.Page class which has a code behind class acting as a controller. Continue reading

What are various Results returned by Action Methods in MVC ?

Actions in Asp.Net MVC returns ActionResult which is base class for all the results that can be returned. Below are classes that derive from ActionResult and can be returned as a result.

  • ViewResult
  • PartialViewResult
  • ContentResult
  • JsonResult
  • JavascriptResult
  • EmptyResult
  • FileResult
  • FilePathResult
  • FileContentResult
  • FileStreamResult
  • HttpNotFoundResult
  • HttpStatusCodeResult
  • HttpUnAutorizedResult
  • RedirectResult
  • RedirectPermanentResult
  • RedirectToActionResult
  • RedirectToActionPermanentResult
  • RedirectToRouteResult
  • RedirectToRoutePermanentResult

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