Installing Python Robot Framework on Windows

Once python is installed on your machine. If not installed already please follow my other article Visual Studio Code – Getting Started with Python here . First step is to download and install pip.
To install pip, securely download from here
Then run the following:

Once pip is installed, you can install robot framework by running below commands

python -m pip install robot framework


pip install docutils


Once robot framework is installed, make sure to set up path variable to point to python installation directory’s scripts folder, In most cases its


After installations, you need to download a certain release or grab the latest content and extract the package somewhere.

After installations you can run the demo on the command line by using the robot command:

robot QuickStart.rst

Visual Studio Code – Getting Started with Python


Python is one of the powerful languages of today and has gained wide acceptance as a tool to create machine learning applications due to its simple yet powerful syntax compared to other popular languages like C++, C#, Java etc.

Python was created in late 1980’s by Guido van Rossum and is developed under OSI-approved open source license by The Python Software Foundation.


Python can be downloaded for your choice of operating system from here

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